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n her 20s. Doing this actually defeats the purpose of appearing youthful. As anyone ages, certain changes take effect. For example, over time we lose collagen. This is a component that gives the young those plump, rosy cheeks. While it may be tempting to continue purchasing bright red rouge to maintain that glow, it is really not a good look. Instead opt for more subdued cheek color and make sure that it is applied correctly.When applying eye makeup and lip color, it is important to make sure that one feature or the other is highlighted, How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Natural not both. For example, if the wearer is going for a smoky eye, let the eyes be the focus. A smoky eye is a good choice because it How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks At Home does not require numerous layers of eye shadow to the eyelid. Who has that much space on her eyelids anyway? Choose a lip color that is more of a nude shade that goes well with your complexion. Wearing both a smoky eye and bold lip color will result in an overly-ma
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