065-Count Down 倒數計時
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商品品牌: Digital Juice
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Digital-Juice 系列 Editor ThemeKit  SD 720x480 HD 1920x1080


065-Count Down 倒數計時



<具Alpha-Channel含動態影片 、靜態圖片、前景/背景 影片 & 過場遮罩 SD & HD >


100% Royalty-Free

Buy once and use in all your projects
Network Quality Sets
             A complete set of matching graphics animations and     elements

HD & SD Animations

Animations provided in both standard and high definitions for all your needs
Super Sets
Animated backgrounds, lower thirds, overlays, wipes, motion design elements, & Photoshop layered graphics
Keyword Searchable
Free Juicer 3 Software | Learn more
              Compatible with any computer based non-linear or linear editor with DVD-ROM drive
The ThemeKit Advantage

Editor's Themekits are matched collections of themed

animated graphics that make it is easy to create a professional, coordinated look.

Each Themekit contains matching elements in both SD

and HD resolutions. This allows producers and

designers to instantly create a thematic look for a

program, while still providing enough variety and

customization for a unique, signature look that viewers

will identify with, recognize and remember.





High Definition - Background

Click on thumbnail to view Animation.
Animations have been reduced in size and overall quality for demonstration purposes.




Animated Backgrounds

Full Screen Animated Backgrounds

These are full screen background animations that are great for title sequences, text templates and DVD menus.

Animated Overlays

Animated Backgrounds with Alpha Channel

Animated overlays are full screen animations with alpha channel transparency that serve as animated frames and accents for your video clips.

Standard & Mini Lower Thirds

Animations with Alpha Channel

Animated lower thirds are animated elements using alpha channel transparency that commonly server as anchoring elements for text, nameplates and logos at the bottom of the screen.


Full Screen, Full Color Wipe Transitions with Sound FX

Animated full screen wipes are textured and colored animations which serve as a transition between two video clips. Designed to work without a plug-in on any editing system that supports overlays, these easy-to-use wipes are as unique as they are useful.

Coordinated Juice Drops

Print Resolution Layered Photoshop Files

Juice Drops are print resolution, fully customizable graphics delivered as layered Photoshop files. They can be used to create things like matching DVD faces and cases, coordinated fliers, posters and/or billboards.









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